About Us

MX was established with the intention of providing customers with technologically advanced Electrical, Electronics, Security & IT solutions. It is also involved in distribution of LED Lights, Cables & Accessories to Companies operating in Electrical, IT, Security & Projects Domains with the assurances of stocks in all our operating countries. After starting off as an importing & wholesale company selling SMATV components the demand from the project and trading sector led us, to re-establish ourselves as a company that provides complete Security, Electrical & IT solutions to nearly all sectors.

With over 15 years of experience we have been committed to provide our customers a wide range of Electrical, Electronics, Household, Satellite, security and IT products of a high quality and competitive prices in order to meet their full satisfaction. Our presence is in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and India. The Company has an excellent reputation and cooperating with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers around the world. We are engaged in manufacturing, importing & distributing, and marketing of high quality of IT, Electronic, Electrical, Satellite, and Security products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes and become the best they can be. Through our extraordinary ability to listen and develop trust, we form partnerships that are founded in integrity, effective communication, and service. We believe high expectations create a climate of high performance, and we thrive in such a climate.


Our vision is that we bring outstanding success to every business we touch All of our work is founded in our values of integrity, service, sustainability, and high expectations and these values, coupled with our expertise and innovative spirit, result in MX being at the top. Our employees are hardworking and committed because they understand the value of their individual contribution to the success of our clients.

Passion for Excellence

All our activities must be driven by a passion for excellence. We must strive, uncompromisingly, to achieve the highest standards in our daily work and in the quality of the goods and services we offer. We would endeavor to achieve 'best in class' status in all our processes and results.

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